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Smart Hygiene UV Toothbrush Sanitiser & Holder

Smart Hygiene UV Toothbrush Sanitiser & Holder

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Have you always wanted healthy and beautiful teeth?

Achieve an unprecedented level of dental hygiene that will make your dentist jealous. Our Smart Hygiene UV Toothbrush Sanitizer & Holder will sanitise your toothbrushes safely, and hold them for you in an aesthetically pleasing case.

  • Protect Your Pearly Whites: Health teeth and gums need clean toothbrushes that don't have bacteria and germs lurking deep between the bristles. Your toothbrushes will always be safeguarded with our 360-second, 99.99% germ-killing UV disinfection, keeping your teeth healthy and beautiful.
  • All You Need Is A Wall: Easily attach it anywhere with a 3M adhesive—no drilling needed; and all you need is a surface. Accommodates up to five toothbrushes for simultaneous sanitisation.
  • Always Stay Clean: Enjoy consistent sterilisation cycles with a high-capacity 2000mAh battery and USB Type-C charging, ensuring lasting and consistent hygiene.
  • Always Stay Safe: Features like the magnetic hall switch turn off UV lights upon opening, and this feature, combined with overvoltage and overcurrent protection, offer peace of mind.
  • Enjoy Elegance & Convenience: A large, backlit digital display makes this really easy to use; and its sleek design allows it to fit into any bathroom decor.

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At A Glance Specifications

  • Product Name: Smart Hygiene Toothbrush Sanitiser & Holder
  • Material: Non-toxic and environmentally friendly plastic
  • Size: 195 x 68 x 3.8mm
  • Light source/wavelength: UVC: 270-285nm,UVA: 395-405nm
  • Charging input: USB Type-C
  • Battery Specification: 18650-3.7v/2000mah
  • Package Includes: Toothbrush Sanitiser & Holder and Charging Cable

Everything You Need To Know

Simplify Your Daily Routine

Unlike an ordinary toothbrush holder, you can rest easy knowing your teeth and gums will stay healthy with your sanitised toothbrush. All you have to do is place it within this Sanitiser & Holder for at least 360 seconds.

Sophisticated Safety Features

Enjoy the confidence that comes with advanced safety mechanisms that will protect you and your family from UV exposure while ensuring device longevity.

Energy-Efficient Operation

The robust battery life paired with effective power management makes this device a sustainable choice for environment-conscious households.

Enhanced User Experience

The intuitive display and automatic sterilisation process provide a seamless user experience, allowing more time for what truly matters.

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