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RainbowMist Aroma Cube - The 7 Colour Diffuser

RainbowMist Aroma Cube - The 7 Colour Diffuser

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Elevate your environment to a realm of tranquility and sophistication with the RainbowMist Aroma Cube.

Engineered for the discerning individual, this USB-powered, seven-coloured ambience diffuser is not merely a device; it's an invitation to transform any space into a sanctuary of serenity. 

This compact and modern cube enhances home decor with soothing scents and a mesmerising light show, perfect for your self-care ritual.

Discover the RainbowMist Aroma Cube and indulge in the art of sophisticated living, where elegance meets relaxation.


Elegant Illumination 

Experience a visual symphony of colors, meticulously designed to enhance your moments of meditation or leisure with a serene and sophisticated glow.

Tailored Aromatherapy 

Personalise your ambient experience with the essence of your choice. The RainbowMist Aroma Cube invites you to infuse your space with fragrances that speak to your sophisticated palate, creating a haven of aroma that reflects your unique sense of wellbeing.

Unobtrusive Operation

Designed with the utmost consideration for your peace and comfort, this diffuser operates under 36dB, ensuring that your sanctuary remains undisturbed, thus perfecting your sleep or relaxation rituals.

Flexibility in Power

Embrace the convenience of versatility with USB, car power supply, or AC options, allowing the modern sophisticate to enjoy uninterrupted aromatherapy, wherever life may lead.

A Statement of Modern Elegance

With its unique small Rubik’s Cube design, available in an exquisite shade of white, the RainbowMist Aroma Cube is not just a diffuser—it's a statement piece that effortlessly marries technology with modern decor, enhancing the aesthetic of any space.


  • Product Name: RainbowMist Aroma Cube
  • Material: Durable plastic and resin.
  • Power Supply: USB, Car, AC.
  • Noise Level: Below 36dB for a quiet operation.
  • Voltage & Power: Rated ≤ 36V, 5V2A.
  • Functionality: Aromatherapy with 2-8 hour timing function.
  • Capacity: 0.5-1L reservoir.
  • Dimensions: 150 x 150 x104mm.

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