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You’ve purchased a new home, rented an apartment or decided to finally spruce up your current living space and now it’s time to add a fresh coat of paint to your blank canvas – but with so many colors to choose from, where do we begin? Here are some great tips for choosing the right paint color for your home.

Find Your Inspiration. Artists find many things that inspire them for their paintings and you can too because inspiration is everywhere! Look outside of your window and you will see the many bold colors, contrasting hues and designs that draw attention to your eye every day. Take note of what you see.


Old Fashioned Mood Board. Many designers use mood boards to pin up their color schemes, textures and design ideas. While many of us now use Pinterest (which is also a great way to find inspirational ideas when choosing the right paint color for your home), mood boards allow you to physically see how a specific paint color may fit your home. Pin magazine clippings, photographs and artwork onto your mood board for reference.


Observe The Size Of Your Room. Painting a room with light hues such as white, cream or pastel colors can actually make your room look bigger. If the size of your room is not grande, consider choosing lighter hues. The light colors create an illusion of more space by reflecting more light into the room. When the size of your room feels cavernous, make it cozy with warm colors (such as red) because darker hues absorb light.


It’s OK To Stick With Neutrals. If you can’t decide which color to go with – stick with the neutrals. Neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige are fresh, classic and easy. They also go with everything!


Take A Look At Your Fixed Furnishings. You don’t need to match the color of your walls to the color of your sofa, however choose hues that complement each other. You wouldn’t want the walls to overpower your furniture. If you have light furniture, choose hues with a splash of color to brighten up your room. If you have darker furniture, choose a more subtle hue.


Do A Test Trial. Experiment with different colors by grabbing some test pots or poster-size paint chips (if they are offered in your store). Splash a swatch of paint on the wall to see how the color might look against your furniture. This will give you a better idea on which colors might fit perfectly in your home.


Pick The Right Sheen. Picking the right sheen for your paint is equally important as choosing the right color because it can accent or mask any flaws.

Here are some general guidelines for the different finish choices:

  • Flat (Matte): No shine at all. Perfect for for low traffic areas like living rooms and bedrooms, as well as ceilings.
  • Flat Enamel: Has almost no shine but is a bit easier to clean than flat paint. This is also perfect for low traffic areas but may be a better choice if you have kids or pets.
  • Eggshell Enamel: Has a tiny bit of shine and is a good choice for moderate traffic areas such as living rooms.  In my experience most scuffs can be wiped off of this surface with a damp cloth.
  • Satin Enamel: Has a bit more shine and works well in high traffic areas or areas that have moisture.  It is also super wipeable which is why it is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Semi-Gloss Enamel: Shiny but not glass-like.  This is what you should use on cabinets and trim, or in really high moisture areas.
  • Hi-Gloss Enamel:  Shiny! This gives an almost glass-like finish and is perfect for high use surfaces (like a railing) or furniture.

Ask The Experts. Still unsure which color to choose? No worries – that is why there are experts in the field to guide you! Ask your store if they have color consultants that would be able to do an in-home consultation. Sometimes another opinion can make things clearer.


We hope we’ve helped narrow down some of your paint choices. Let us know which colors you have chosen for your home in the comment section below!







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