Closet organization is like any other home-keeping task…it can be extremely daunting. If you have the resources and the budget to achieve a closet makeover complete with built-in components, then kudos to you – you have just tamed the monster in the closet. If not, then you have come to the right place. These DIY closet organization tips are built for anyone. Yes, absolutely anyone can do this. No special skills or tools required. It can be done all at once, or in phases if there are budget constraints. The tips I’m sharing can be used in any sort of closet and there is no installation required. I live in a NYC apartment where you need to maximize a small closet space. I have used all of these tips to keep things organized and in their place. But first, you need the proper tools to get the job done. So let’s get started.

1. Portable Drawers

Plastic, portable drawers are budget friendly and most come on wheels so they are movable. They are definitely an investment that you can use in almost every area of your home for storing everything from clothing and linens to toys and books. They especially come in handy when maximizing your closet space and are available in a variety of sizes and colors.


The Container Store – 3-Drawer Storage Chest with Wheels

2. Fabric boxes with lids

Fabric boxes are a step up from a basic plastic bin. They are perfect for storing large, bulky items, for organizing sweaters in the closet or bedroom, or to store blankets and pillows in the family room. The lids allow for closed storage which assures your items stay clean and dust-free.



The Container Store – Cappuccino Fabric Parker Storage Boxes 

3. Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are a must-have when giving your closet a cohesive look and for maximizing your rod space. They prevent clothing from slipping off the hanger and protect delicate garments. They also come in different styles and colors which makes organizing a little bit more fun.


The Container Store – Joy Mangano Black Huggable Hangers 

4. Skirt Hangers

What better way to clear our your drawer space than skirt hangers! You can hang both shorts, skirts or even pants on a skirt hanger and it works like a charm! It is the perfect solution for extremely small closets, dorm rooms or seasonal storage. And it helps to keep your garments wrinkle-free and ready to wear.


The Container Store – Chrome Metal 4-Tier Swing-Arm Skirt Hanger

5. Scarf/Tie Storage

Hanging your scarves and ties vertically is perfect for maximizing your closet space and is a stylish way to organize your accessories. They can be neatly hung on a closet rod or hook to keep from falling off and to be easily accessible.


The Container Store – Umbra Triangle Pendant Scarf Organizer 

6. Garment Bags

We all have clothing that we only wear occasionally or maybe even a delicate garment that we want to keep clean and dust-free. This is when garment bags come in handy! They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths and can be used to protect dresses, pants, tops, jackets – you name it! They can also be great for storing your more sentimental pieces such as your wedding dress, graduation robes or suits. We prefer the clear garment bags as they allow full visibility of what’s stored inside.


The Container Store – PEVA Single Garment Bags 

The How-To


1. The first step for any organizing project is to start with a clean slate – so empty out your closet space! The empty space will allow you to see what you are working with and how you will be able to incorporate the above tools into your closet.

2. The second step is to sort through the items and separate them. We recommend separating items in piles of “keep”, “toss” or “donate”. If you haven’t worn an item in the past year or so, it is highly likely that you won’t wear it the following year so either donate it if it is in decent condition or toss it (recycle accordingly, of course).

3. The next step is to add your storage tools! Hang your sentimental or delicate items in garment bags, your skirts, shorts or pants on skirt hangers, and the like. You can either sort your garments by color or by item. For example, the order from left to right can be short sleeved shirts, tanks, shorts, pants, long sleeved tops, sweaters, jackets and dresses.

4. The final step is adding drawer storage to fill up the wasted empty space on the floor – this can easily be done by adding plastic sets of drawers and are a great way for organizing your shoes!


Check out The Container Store for: 

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.07.19 AM


We hope this article eased up some of your organizing woes – share your favorite closet organizing tips in the comment section below! 




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