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There are many creative ideas out there to help your kids engage in learning, creating, exploring and having fun along the way.  Here are just some of the ways that we have found to help enhance the decor of your kids room in order to have them spend more time developing their minds in a tech free zone.

  1. A teepee is one fun idea to incorporate into your kids room decor. It is a fun place to have them read a book, use their imagination, or even have you join them for storytelling time. There is no better way for your child to explore the world  than to have you spend your time exploring it with them.


Ivory and Deene Modern Teepee Tent Cubby House 

2. Setting up a play table is another great way to encourage your kids to be more creative. Set up an art station with coloring books and arts and crafts supplies next to their play table in order for them to have all the tools they need to create, explore and imagine. Remember, a creative mind never goes out of style.


Pottery Barn Kids – My First Play Table & Chairs, Simply White 

3. An artsy chalkboard easel is another fun and creative way to help your child learn and create. Your child can teach you many wonderful things so remember to take the time to play along with them.


The Land of Nod – Artsy Easel

4. Fun and educational wallpaper does not only make your child’s room look great but will help them develop their minds everyday.


Little Hands Illustration – Animal Worlds Map III

5. There’s always time for play. A fun play rug will increase your child’s activity and allow them to engage more when their friends are over. Schedule a fun play date and allow your child to explore the creativeness of their room.


The Land of Nod – Kids Hopscotch Rug

Share your ideas below on how you incorporate creative design into your child’s playroom!


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